Tree Cutting & Removal

Call us for all tree cutting and tree removal needs. Disease, storm damage, building projects, or even just the desire for a view can mean that trees need to be cleared. We offer safe and reliable tree cutting and removal for Birmingham and central Alabama.

Safety is Key

Tree removal, especially in some situations where trees are near power lines, have come down, or have been dead for some time, can be dangerous. We have years of experience with these situations and have standard safety procedures and training in the best practices to ensure that your tree or trees will be removed safely. In situations where a crane is needed, we have the heavy equipment and trained operators needed to remove large trees, ensuring the safety of nearby people and the surroundings.

Protect the Surroundings

We evaluate the effect tree removal will have on surrounding trees, plants, nearby buildings, and other landscape features such as garden walls, decks, garden beds, and retaining walls. We plan the removal to protect the surrounding area.

Restore the Landscape

After a tree is removed, we will grind the stump to a level below grade so that other landscape materials can be installed where the tree was located. This will prevent insect infestation and further growth of suckers.

Remove / Reclaim Tree Debris

We will partner with you regarding what you would like to do with all your new found WOOD. We can leave the fallen tree for you or provide a quote to remove/reclaim all the debris. Remember, that all parts of a tree can be used. We have had clients simply ask us to haul everything away, saw the trunk into lumber for an heirloom furniture piece, chip the branches and unused lumber to make wood mulch, bring back firewood and/or a mix and match of all the above. Whatever your decision, we are here to help you with a disposal plan.

In disaster situations, we have 24/7 emergency services to remove trees blocking roads and driveways, trees that have come down on buildings, and trees intersecting power lines.