Gray’s Tree Service will do all types of grading, trenching, soil boring, land shaping, and soil remediation. Whether you have a building project, need to regrade for water management and erosion control, have unsuitable soil for structural purposes, or need soil removed for environmental remediation, we are the ones to call.

We provide grading for:

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial building foundations, basements, footings, and pilings
  • Water management retention and detention areas
  • Driveways, garages, pools, and other outdoor structures
  • Drainage including swales, ditches, subsurface drain lines, rain gardens, and stream restoration
  • Utilities

We also remove unsuitable bearing soils. When soil samples show organic matter or other soil types that will not reach the required bearing psi for the structure being built, we will remove those soils and remediate the area including backfill with suitable soils, lifts per specifications, use of geo-fabric, and compaction as required.

Environmental remediation may also be needed. More and more new commercial buildings are built on sites that previously had gas stations, holding tanks, or dry cleaning establishments. Soil contamination in these cases is very common and various types of remediation may be required prior to construction permits.

Boring for installation of lines under areas which cannot be disturbed takes a professional. We have the experience and expertise to gather information for development. We also cut and fill to create a level surface for a building site, parking lot or other needs in heavily sloped areas. This includes preparation for installation of retaining walls.

In all cases, we use established practices to stabilize slopes, control erosion, protect the surrounding areas, and ensure the safety of the construction crew and equipment. We own and maintain our own equipment, we train our operators carefully, and we have the experience with all types of heavy construction to do your job on time and on budget.