Stump Grinding

We provide stump grinding services for Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Our stump grinders are remote controlled and operate on tracks, minimizing impact to your yard. Also, our stump grinders fit through a standard 3 foot gate opening, so gaining access to stumps in tight areas isn't a problem.

When trees are removed for any reason, what’s left is a large underground root system topped by a stump. Left to deteriorate, stumps can be a home to various types of insects including ants, bees, wasps, hornets, and termites. If the tree removed was diseased, leaving the stump can spread the problem to surrounding trees.

Some trees will continue to send out suckers even after the main tree has been removed. We will grind the stump to completely remove the evidence of a missing tree and give you a smooth surface where other plants will thrive. Click here to learn more about stump grinding.

Probably the most common reason homeowners have for stump removal is aesthetics. A stump is seldom seen as a positive addition to the landscape.

No matter your reason, call us to get rid of any stumps in your yard or garden.

Our grinders will remove the stump to several inches below grade.
We will either haul away the wood chips or use them as a landscape material in your garden.
We will fill in the stump area with new topsoil.