Tree Services

Gray’s Tree Service has the expertise, equipment, and experience to provide a full range of services for your trees and landscape. Our first priority is to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and disease and pest free. We provide a full range of pruning services and full tree removal when necessary. We take precautions to minimize damage to your lawn, restoring the landscape where needed. We also can use the trees removed to give back lumber, mulch, and even furniture made from the wood.


Mulching around trees conserves moisture, reduces weeds, provides soil nutrients, and moderates soil temperature during seasonal change. We highly recommend mulching at least once per year to maintain healthy trees.


We know the soils needed for certain species, chemical balances that various types of trees prefer, and what fertilizers will keep them happy and healthy. Talk with us about the trees in your yard or landscape.

Pruning & Trimming

Most trees and shrubs benefit from careful trimming and shaping. Dead branches must be removed and the boles sealed to protect from insect infestation. Suckers should be removed to encourage growth. Trimming is also important to remove volunteer trunks that split the shape of the tree.

Insect & Pest Control

All trees should be inspected periodically to detect any pests that may affect them. We inspect not only for insects but for plant parasites. Although kudzu is a prime example of a damaging parasite, there are many other types that can strangle trees and destroy landscapes.

Tree Protection

If any type of building project is planned, we will provide bracing and support for adjoining trees. Call us before digging to make sure your trees will be safe.