Crane Service

One of the things that sets us apart is our diverse range of services. Crane service is part of an integrated whole. We can clear land, demolish buildings, remediate soil, haul away debris, recycle suitable materials, grade, and excavate. We employ highly trained and experienced staff so that in any demolition, relocation, or rebuilding project we can handle the heavy lifting. This wide spectrum of services means that we can handle the equipment, personnel, and task scheduling so that your project will proceed smoothly.

Crane Services Include...

  • Demolition of structures with large building components
  • Selective removal of large trees
  • Rigging and equipment relocations
  • Cabling and bracing
  • Installation of scaffolding, catwalks, and other elevated structural elements
  • Removal of large debris after weather or fire disasters
  • Specialty concrete and form placement

You don’t have to coordinate scheduling multiple contractors to complete your project, Gray’s Tree Service can do it all. Our cranes are rented by the hour, and include an operator. Call us at (205) 769-9394 for details and availability.