Trimming, Pruning, and Fertilization

Gray’s Tree Service wants to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. We will inspect your trees and shrubs and then trim, prune, and fertilize them as needed. Avoid the problems unhealthy trees and shrubs can cause to your lawn. Don't wait until it's too late to have large weak, diseased, or dead limbs trimmed from your trees. Removing these potential hazards in a safe, controlled manner means they won't be hanging around to fall and damage your property during the next strong wind.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming preserves the shape of your trees, opens the crown for air and sunlight circulation, eliminates problem sources, and helps keep your trees beautiful and healthy. Our bucket trucks have a 75 foot reach, allowing us to be thorough when dead wooding even the tallest trees.
  • We will remove dead limbs and branches that could fall and cause damage below.
  • We will remove branches that could interfere with power and communication lines.
  • We will remove false trunks that ruin the shape of your tree.
  • We will remove suckers. Some trees, such as crape myrtles, produce suckers automatically. Other trees, like fruit trees, are frequently grafted onto other root stock. Those original roots can try to reproduce and send out suckers. In all cases, these should be removed.
  • We will seal areas where large limbs have been removed to keep that area clear of insect or animal damage.

Tree Pruning

Some trees and most shrubs need to be pruned at certain times of the year to stay healthy and produce the best blooms, fruit, or shape. Pruning season varies by type of tree or shrub.
  • We will examine trees and shrubs to remove crossing or rubbing branches.
  • We will prune for aesthetics and shape.
  • We will remove false trunks that ruin the shape of your tree.
  • We will prune to make sure that lines of sight are good for entering and exiting driveways, sidewalks, and surrounding roadways.
  • We will prune to ensure that daylight can reach your home or building.
  • We will prune to encourage bloom or fruit production.
  • We will do crown reduction pruning where it is needed. For some trees, this type of pruning is used to produce the desired shape. In some instances this is done when a tree has grown to the point of power line or building interference. Topping a tree is not recommended. Ask us about crown reduction pruning, a safer and more natural alternative.

Tree Fertilization

Before fertilizing it is always best to check the soil content to determine acid or alkaline content. We can recommend the best soil treatments or additives to help keep your trees or shrubs healthy and growing well. We also recommend mulching to protect your soil and your plants.

Other Tree Protection

Some trees benefit from cabling and bracing to prevent storm damage. Young trees are frequently braced to keep growth straight, but even older trees that have shallow root systems are vulnerable to wind damage. If you are concerned about trees near your home or building, but don’t want to remove them, please ask us about this option.