Millwork & Furniture

Gray’s Tree Service operates a sawmill. That is the next step after tree removal. Our sawmill takes the sections and turns them into usable lumber. This is the raw material we use to build furniture, supply flooring, and other wood products. We also produce mulch, firewood, and sawdust that can be used in production of composite sheet goods such as strand board.

Wood Reclaimation

We are one of the few local companies that will not only remove your tree but also supply you with wood products such as raw lumber, firewood, and furniture made from your tree. For many families, the trees around their homes are precious resources. When a tree dies or is damaged by storms, lightning, or other disaster, we not only remove and clear the tree but can also use the wood to make something beautiful for your home. With our wood milling and carpentry services, we will turn the wood into something that your family can share for generations and become heirlooms.

Most homeowners hate to lose trees, but it’s especially difficult if the tree held your child’s tree house or swing, or gave shade to your family picnics. Or maybe it was the tree you planted when you first bought and moved into your home.

Whatever the reason, if your favorite tree must be removed, we can create an heirloom piece of furniture for you and your family using the wood from that tree. Whether you want a casual piece that shows a cross section of the trunk so you can count the rings, or something more traditional, we can take the tree, mill it, and make furniture you will enjoy for years. We can also use reclaimed wood. We can recycle wood into flooring or other wood products as well.

We cut trees in more creative ways when we are going to make a special furniture piece. Some customers like to have cross sections that display the tree rings built into furniture. We like to hear your ideas.

Our Process

  • We first take off the limbs. The limbs can be easily cut into firewood or chipped to form mulch.
  • Trees are sectioned to the length desired and hauled to the mill.
  • They are sorted based on species, size, and end use.
  • Sections are debarked.
  • Logs are then cut into flitches, which are edged to form smooth four sided dimensional lumber.
  • Sections are then trimmed to the required length.
  • The wood is air dried.
  • Final planing makes the wood smooth and ready to use.
We can remove your tree and bring back finished wood from our sawmill to make an accent wall, bookcase, bench, coffee table, casual dining table, or other furniture you specify. We would love to talk with you about how you would like to reclaim the use of your tree, and transform it into the next conversation piece in your home. Call us today.


to build beautiful furniture out of your fallen trees!
"At Alabama Sawyer, we design modern, environmentally sustainable products from fallen trees in the Birmingham, Alabama area. With our collaboration Gray’s Tree Service, we have diverted hundreds of logs from the landfill by transforming them into award-winning furniture and products for homes and businesses."